Duntroon to Oamaru

Section 8 – Duntroon to Oamaru

The final section…

Venture into the rolling hills, following the Vanished World trail. Through limestone formations you will find ancient Maori rock drawings and dinosaur fossils, as well as film sites from some well known films, including Narnia and some movies not yet complete! The dedicated cycle trail starts just outside of Duntroon and takes you right past one of the Maori rock drawing sites. You then follow a mix of sealed public back roads and dedicated cycle trail up, over and through the Elephant Rocks limestone landscape. Have a bike lock handy so you can stop, lock you bike and take the short, well sign posted walks to see the Vanished Worlds, an amazing snapshot of our history. Make sure you pick up an information brochure from the Vanished world information centre before your leave Duntroon to help you understand these amazing features.


The cycling is all on easy, smooth surfaces but is fairly undulating (hilly!), just to make it more worthwhile. There are several climbs to make sure you’re concentrating! In some ways this is the hardest section of trail with the most fitness required, so save some energy. At one point you go through an old railway tunnel, a torch is recommended but the light from a mobile phone is usually just enough. This section takes you all the way the Pacific Ocean and the historic township of Oamaru. Oamaru is a bit quirky and loves the Victorian days of old. Don’t be surprised by what you see…


  • Note

There is a toilet at elephant rocks and then by the old tunnel. That’s it in 55km so please plan carefully!

What To See & Do

  • Oamaru has claimed to be the Steam Punk capital of the world! Imagine victoriana, meets a world without electricity still using steam, meets the future! Look it up, it’s huge amounts of fun and a genuine lifestyle for many. They run organised tours but close at 4pm.
  • Visit the historic area with it’s beautiful, refurbished old stone buildings
  • Ride a Penny Farthing bike down the historic streets of Oamaru
  • Visit the famous blue penguin colony on the organised tours.

Celebrate, you made it! Hit the towns, bars, cafes and restaurants, drink, eat and pat yourself on the back!

Where to Stay


Oamaru is a large town with plenty of accommodation of all types and you should have no problem finding a suitable place to stay.

Click here for info on booking an A2O Tour…

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