Kurow to Duntroon

Section 7 – Kurow to Duntroon


In section 7 of the Alps 2 Ocean cycle trail, the landscape becomes flat as you leave the mountains and lakes to follow the braided river valley and fertile farmland. Farms change from sheep and cattle to fruit and dairy, consequently, the cycle trail cannot divert to far from public roads onto these farms, as they are busy, productive areas with many hazards. Cycle eastward on the main Highway, keeping a watchful eye and ear out for the traffic, whilst enjoying the sites, sounds and smells of this fertile valley. Stop and stock up at the fresh fruit stalls next to the orchards on the way. Currently, you will follow the state highway all the way to Duntroon. In the future, as negotiations with landowners are completed and an off road trail is completed, the cycleway will not use the main road so make sure you follow the A2O official signs.


  • Note

Watch out for traffic on all roads and follow our earlier advice on being seen. Once again, we advise you to wear high viz cycling vests/jackets whilst on all road sections. There are no toilets on this section of trail either, so make sure to carry a Poo Pot please, and keep NZ clean and green.

What To See & Do


Flying Pigs!!! No, seriously, there have been sightings of flying pigs in this area, so much so you will want to hang out at the flying Pink Pig Café and while you wait to spot them, enjoy great coffee and cake.

Between Kurow and Duntroon you will see more and more Oamaru stone buildings. These mark not only the history of the area but signal you are getting closer to your final destination!

Where to Stay

Duntroon pub/hotel is it, with only 8 beds! We’re sure more accommodation providers will open up as the trail opens and gets busier over the years, they’re just not here yet!


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