Kurow to Duntroon


Distance: 28km
Technical Difficulty: Grade 2
Fitness Required: Easy
Trail Overview: It’s all off road between Kurow and Duntroon so enjoy the cycle as it follows the Waitaki river and through the Duntroon wetlands.

A2O Section 7 Kurow to Duntroon

In section 7 of the Alps 2 Ocean cycle trail, the landscape becomes flat as you leave the mountains and lakes to follow the braided river valley and fertile farmland. Farms change from sheep and cattle to fruit and dairy, consequently, the cycle trail cannot divert to far from public roads onto these farms, as they are busy, productive areas with many hazards. The cycle trail starts at the eastern end of Kurow between the museum sheds. The purpose-built gravel trail takes you across to the Waitaki River which you follow down the valley. Cross the Kurow Creek then ride on the trail alongside the highway.

Pass through the Kurow Winery (Pasquale’s) which is a great place to stop for wine tasting or a coffee, then ride back towards the Waitaki River and follow the Waitaki Haul Road, crossing both the Otiake and Otekaieke Rivers.

The trail then follows the highway where we advise a short detour to enjoy the Takiroa Maori rock art site, across the road from the cycle trail. Continue on the trail back down to the Waitaki River and through to Harris St. Halfway up Harris St, turn right and ride through the Duntroon Wetlands before emerging in the centre of Duntroon where you’ll find public toilets but nowhere to buy food or drinks.



The trail between Kurow and Duntroon crosses 3 rivers (Kurow Creek, Otiake River and Otekaieke River). These rivers are usually dry and only carry significant water during a flood. If the rivers are in flood, there are flood routes up to the highway at each river crossing, but, these are not well maintained so, for safety, we recommend you ride on the road from Kurow to Duntroon. The flood routes may involve walking your bike or crossing fences using stiles (lifting your bike). Alternatively retrace your steps until you can access the highway.
Sections of the Waitaki Haul road are shared with vehicles so please ride with care. The Waitaki River is powerful suitable for swimming.

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