A2O Logistics

Bike Hire, Luggage and Shuttle Service

As the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is so new, the reality is that there are few bike hire operators with a permanent bike transfer service in place to either transport your hire bike to the start of the trail or collect it from you at the end.  The A2O logistics, like transporting your luggage, yourselves and your vehicle will also get easier as the trail matures and you have more companies to choose from. For now, there are only a few companies who will provide this service for you. (Please note, they may be on as ‘as required’ rather than on a scheduled service).

Be aware that we’ve chosen to help a number of people riding the trail as independents who’ve got into a spot of bother over the past few years. Remember, if you choose to organise a trip yourself with only a luggage transfer and not a support service, you may have to make your own alternative arrangements if you have mechanical issues with your bike or the weather prevents you riding a section of trail. At this time, we are not able to recommend any companies who provide bike hire, luggage transfers or general A2O logistics.

Always make sure you have the right clothes and bike for the conditions, have a back up plan, and this will be one of the most enjoyable, scenic and varied cycle trails you’ll ever ride!